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With my years of experience in the wig industry, I have learned that there is no regulation regarding human hair. 

This means that a company can sell their wig with a 'human hair' label, when in reality it may be blended with, or completely, synthetic, non-remy, or even sourced from animals such as yak.  

This also means that the hair can be sourced from anywhere. It can be from donations, deceased people, swept off the floor after a hair cut, or purchased from women who willingly grow and cut their hair. 

I refuse to sell anything that is not the highest quality of human hair. Every company JLWC works with has undergone an intensive research conducted by myself. I discuss my quality concerns with each company, and have even gone as far as flying to a different state to see the hairpieces in person. I also personally wear many of the hairpieces to get the experience myself. 

I want to ensure the pieces I sell achieve the highest expectations you have for your alternative hair. I also want to be sure they are worth the cost. 

Qualifying Traits

- 100% Human Hair

- Remy Quality

- Ethically Sourced Hair

- 1 Year Minimum Human Hair Durability

- True-Fit Sizing

Complete List of Current Approvals

FOLLEA by Daniel Alain

Halo Couture

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