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Salon Quality Blow Out With One Easy-to-Use Tool?

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When you think of hair tools, what comes to mind? Brush, blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the innovation of new hair tools. These new ideas are making it easier and less damaging to style our hair with heat.

I am constantly intrigued by these new ideas, and I love testing them out on my bio hair, as well as alternative hair.

I recently stumbled upon a hair tool that allows you to give yourself a salon quality blow out. I style wigs with a blow dryer and a round brush all the time, but have never been able to master that technique on my own hair until this tool came along.

First and foremost, I was surprised at how lightweight this tool was. Usually I feel like I have done an intense arm workout after I blow out my hair, but this was so easy to handle with one hand. Being able to round brush and blow dry my hair at the same time, with one hand, allowed my other hand the chance to section off the hair, making the process much smoother, and a lot less tangled.

I did take on a learning curve when figuring out how to handle the tool and maneuver it through my hair. After a few tries, however, I was able to feel like a professional. Here are a few tips I have for using a blow-dry brush:

1. Start with Damp Hair

You don't want to use your regular blow dryer, or a blow dry brush with hair that is dripping wet. Let your hair air dry for a few minutes before handling the hot tools. I use this time to clean up my bathroom, read a quick article, or allow myself a minute to intentionally scroll social media. Just don't get lost in your scrolling!

2. Apply Heat Protectant!

Not only should you use heat protectant before using a flat iron or curling iron, you should use it before you blow dry! Protecting your hair from heat damage keeps it looking, and feeling healthy.

3. Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into manageable sections using clips or hair ties. I made the mistake of thinking all my hair could be blown at the same time, which only resulted in tangles. Start with your bottom layer and work your way to the crown of your head.

4. Keep the Temperature Down

I was surprised at how well my hair reacted to the lower heat setting. start low, and work your way up. Don't forget to give you hair a blast of cool air at the end to set the style and add shine.

5. Tension is Key

As you brush your hair with the tool, keep a gentle tension as you move the brush from your roots to your ends. This will help create the smooth and desired look.

6. Don't Over-Wrap!

I have a vivid memory from my childhood where I was pretending to be my mom's hair dresser. I took a round bristle brush and wrapped her hair in it like a curling iron. I am sure you can imagine how upset my mom was when I found I couldn't undo what I had just done. Don't make this mistake with your own hair in your blow dry brush! Twist the brush, but don't allow your hair to overlap itself.

7. Have Patience and Keep Practicing!

This is a fairly easy tool to get the hang of, but it can still be frustrating. Keep trying, and don't give up! You will be so proud of yourself when you can finally give yourself the blow-out of your dreams.

My blow-dry brush is one of my new favorite tools for both my bio hair, and my heat-safe alternative hair pieces. Give it a try, and let my know about your experience! Just remember, heat styling can damage your hair over time, so it's important to give your hair regular breaks from heat and use heat styling tools in moderation. Happy styling!

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