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Tips For Washing A Prime Blend Wig

Properly washing and caring for your wig will allow it to last longer. Here are some tips for washing Prime Blend wigs by Ellen Wille.

1. Start by detangling.

Washing hair that is tangled will only lead to more tangles! Use a wide tooth comb, or a wig-specific detangling brush before you wet the hair.

2. Use the right products.

What you use on your hair does make a difference! Ellen Wille recommends the BeautiMark Pure Care product system for Prime Blends. I love these products! They do a great job at cleansing, hydrating, and protecting my wig, and it smells great too!

3. Pay attention to the water temperature.

Rinse your shampoo in lukewarm water, and rinse conditioner in cool water. You will thank me later!

4. Only use conditioner on the ends!

Many wigs have hand tied caps. Conditioner can loosen the knots that keep the hair attached to the cap. Keep the conditioner on the ends of the hair, and away from the cap to hydrate, while preventing wig shedding.

5. Let it air-dry.

Yes, you can use a blow dryer on your Prime Blend wig, but allowing it to air dry prevents heat damage.

6. Use serum and protection spray.

BeautiMark has a serum and a 3-in-1 protection spray that works wonders on the hair! Not only do these products smooth the hair and bring a natural shine, they protect from heat and sun damage! Do the extra step, and keep your wig hair healthy!

7. Be amazed at the power of Prime Blend style memory.

Prime Blend fibers mix the benefits of human hair and heat-friendly fibers. One of these benefits is style memory. You can curl a Prime Blend wig, wash it, and the curls will stay in the wig until you change it with your heat tools. It is quite spectacular!

*Prime Blend wigs and BeautiMark products may be purchased through JL Wig Consulting. Contact us at for more information.

Do you have any wig washing tips? Let us know in the comments!

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