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Reasons to Wear a Wig (Besides Hair Loss)

You have hair, so why would you need or even want a wig? Read on to discover how you can benefit from a wig!

Hair loss is not the only reason you can wear a wig. Here is a list of 6 reasons why you too can wear a wig, whether you are facing hair loss or not.

1. Protect Your Natural Hair

Did you know that Marie Osmond has gorgeous natural hair, however, she often wears wigs on stage? Frequent performance-worthy hair styling can be extremely damaging to the natural hair, so many celebrities including half of the Donny and Marie duo opt for wigs. Even if you are not performing on stage, a wig can be a great option to give your natural hair a break from all the heat and products we use daily.

2. Try Different Colors

How often have you turned down coloring your hair to a new shade because you fear you won't like the color in the end? I have a simple solution for you! Try a wig in your desired shade before committing to it! Different colored wigs allow you to change your hair color any time you want. I now pair my hair to match my outfits!

3. The Saver of Bad Hair Days

Imagine this: You wake up 20 minutes late and don't have enough time to do anything, let alone deal with your hair. Then it happens. The frizz won't go away. Your calic is not cooperating no matter how much water you pour on it. Tomorrow is wash day, but no amount of dry shampoo is going to save the day. Oh no! It's a bad hair day! What are you going to do?!

If you have a wig, you can simply tuck the bad hair day under a cap, and walk out the door in 30 seconds with your beautiful "backup hair".

4. Hold Curls All Day Long

I am blessed (and cursed) with naturally straight hair. Unfortunately, naturally straight hair does not hold curls very well. When I want my hair curly, but don't want to stress about the curls falling out, I just throw on a wig. I prefer human hair wigs because the natural fiber allows me to create curls just like I would on my own hair, but it holds so much better! I curl my wig, then usually don't need to re-curl it until after I wash it. The curls stay all day, and even after spending some time tucked away in my hair drawer.

5. Try Different Lengths

Whenever my friends tell me they want to chop their hair off, my response is always, "Try on a short wig first!" Some friends love seeing themselves with short hair, others are glad they tried the wig before making the chop. I have had clients who get a long wig because their hair never gets longer than their shoulders, and other clients have gotten a short wig because they can't fathom chopping their own natural locks, but they want to experience a sophisticated bob.

6. Tired of Doing Your Hair Every Day

I love hair. My career revolves around it. However, there are days when the last thing I want to do is spend time styling my hair. On days like these, I throw on a wig to look presentable, without actually putting in the effort. Life is too short to spend hours on your hair! Spend some time styling your wig, then keep it on a stand for days when you don't want the fuss!

If you have ever thought of trying a wig for any reason, do it!

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