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September is Alopecia Awareness Month

Approximately 160 million people worldwide have alopecia. Join us this month as we honor those who are redefining beauty.

What is alopecia?

Simply put, alopecia is a disease that causes hair loss. Hair can fall out anywhere on the body and may be permanent. Some only lose a portion of their hair, while others face total hair loss. This disease is not necessarily painful but can have negative effects on an individual's self-esteem. There are many forms of alopecia, and there is no cure for it.

Who gets alopecia?

Alopecia can affect any age, gender, and ethnicity. Although it can develop at any age, people are likely to experience their first signs or flare-ups before the age of 30. If you think you might have alopecia, it is always best to consult with your doctor or dermatologist. They will be able to make an official diagnosis.

Why does awareness matter?

It is important to raise awareness of alopecia because it fosters understanding, acceptance, and support for individuals navigating this condition. By raising awareness, we challenge the norms of society and minimize the stigma surrounding hair loss. We create a community that is more inclusive and accepting, which allows individuals to be true to themselves and beam with confidence.

What makes alopecia so beautiful?

Many who suffer from alopecia don't always feel beautiful or confident. However, as they grow and learn to accept their disease, they radiate their own, unique beauty which transcends conventional norms. They show authenticity with the absence of their hair telling a story of resilience and self-acceptance. People with alopecia are powerful and beautiful, whether they choose to conceal their disease or not.


If you have alopecia, know that you are not alone. Your strength and courage do not go unnoticed. You are teaching others that beauty is deeper than hair. You are beautiful, and you are making the world a more beautiful place.

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