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Wearing a Wig Back to School

Are you heading back to school this semester with a new hair piece? Or maybe you are wearing it to work for the first time. It can be intimidating wearing your hair all day away from home. Here is some helpful advice if this is your first time wearing your wig to school, or even work!

The first time I wore my wig to school I was nervous. I was scared that people would know it was a wig, and I was scared that my wig would bother me and I would need to take it off or adjust it. Thankfully, my first day wearing a wig went far better than expected, and it was all thanks to my preparation.

When I first got my wig, I could not wear it for longer than a few hours without getting a headache. If you are experiencing this, know that it is normal. If your wig is sized right and fits correctly and you are getting headaches from a few hours of wear, this is likely just a sign that your head is not used to wearing a wig.

I experienced this same thing when I first got glasses, and my halo hair extension. After wearing it for a few hours, and increasing the amount of time spent wearing them, I was able to go longer without getting headaches. You have to allow your head time to adjust to your new hair. Practicing wearing your wig will also help you familiarize yourself with your wig and you will become aware of what is normal and what is not.

The first time I ever wore a wig in public was for a wig "fashion show" at a cancer support group. I constantly felt as if the wig was sliding off my head, which resulted in me tugging at the ear tabs every few minutes. From this experience I learned that nylon caps are a no-go for me. They make the wig too slippery.

Since then, I have tested many different accessories to wear under the wig. I encourage you to do the same before wearing it in public. I found that net liners work the best for me. Depending on the wig and what I am doing during the day, I may also put on a velvet grip band. Everyone's preferences for what to wear under a wig is different. Experiment with different options, and talk with a wig professional to find what works best for you.

Along with allowing time to adjust to your wig and experimenting with accessories, I recommend styling the wig before you wear it out. A wig out of the box often needs a little fixing up before it truly feels like you. Style it how you would normally style your hair. This will make you a bit more confident to wear your new hair.

What advice helped you the first time you wore your wig in public? Let us know in the comments below!

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